A Lesson Learned In A Process…..

This is my second week with web designing.  I am learned quite a bit of  Information within the first week of class with decoding.  In fact I got up to The 7th chapter but unfortunately, while in class on Tuesday morning when, I sat down and turned my computer on.  I went to retrieved the work that  I had done previously, while in class and mostly at home working late hours after work.  I was unable to retrieve it due to loss off information.  Sadly, I am now going to have to redo everything from the very beginning.  This is very disheartening.  Especially because of the time and effort I put in to this project.  All I can say is “back to the drawing board”.  Now I have to save, work save and save it again.  What a lesson learned so now I know better so I will work and save more while working. Eraser

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Wed Development & Design Foundations with HTML5

This lesson on web designing  is very interesting and is very organized.  In web designing, there are various steps in the programming process.  One wrong code entry can through you off tremendously.


Today I learned through hands on practice how to begin the process of web designing.  Specifically, I learned that there are certain steps to take to compose a website.  For example, each line is numbered and it begins with a < bracket and ends with a bracket >, which is a part of the process of coding a web page.  Web designing can be tedious but its good practice for now, and the outcome of a project can be awesome.  I must say that I have one of the best Instructors in the Multi Medial and Graphic Design Program.  So, from that I have to say as well, I have some of the best cohort there are for the future of Multi Medial and Graphic Designers.

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Class assignment on Web Design

This is a class project:

Today in class we learned about RGB Color Hex-Code Charting. Within our lesson I learned that the color code that is used mathematical equations to configure true colors within a color scale used for web sits.  In using the numerical elements 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,   which are used in the hexadecimal and also the decimal numbering then using 10=A, 11=B, 12=C, 13=D, 14=E, 15=F, You would then convert the Hex-Code to an RGB value.  That’s how you would add color too a web site.


Black    White     Gray

R=    0          256        128

B=     0         256         128

G=    0          256        128

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“Steps Of A Project”

Project Guide lines:

photo-29One could ask, them selves? “What is the minimum level of planning required for a small or large project?” In response to this question, One would develop a seven-step approach that Would answer this question.

Researching For Your Project:
photoYou usually asked yourself to generate a topic for yourself; to plan and execute a project and to investigating that topic; also to write-up what you did and what your findings were. Important stages in the dissertation process which will include: choosing a topic; developing a research question; effective planning of the research; being an organized and methodical while conducting your research; and reporting the research in phases.


You Brainstorm:                                                 Brainstorming can be an effective way to generate lots of ideas on a specific project and then determine which idea or ideas is the best solution. When brainstorming the most effective way with a group of people it should be performed in a relaxed environment. If participants feel free to relax and joke around, they’ll stretch their minds further and therefore produce more creative ideas. Then give each idea a score of 0 to 5 points depending on how well it meets each criterion. Once all of the ideas have been scored for each criterion, add up the scores. The idea with the highest score will best solve your problem. You should all ways keep a record of all of your best ideas and their scores in case your best idea turns out not to be workable.

photo-31Beginning Your Planning Process:


The key to a successful project is in the planning. Creating a project plan is the first thing you should do when undertaking any kind of project. Take time during the interviews with your boss or client, to draw out the true needs that create real benefits.  Next, once you have conducted all the interviews, and have a comprehensive list of needs is to prioritize them. From the prioritized list, create a set of goals that can be easily measured.

Proposal and modify:

Your proposed method of addressing your project and implementing modifications to your plans must be first. photo-20 Write out in detail a description about all your phases and tasks that must take place in order to enact your solution. Tell the client how and why the solution you propose is the correct one using prospective scenarios and statistical projections. Also create a time line for the project’s implementation from start to finish.

Creation Of Your Project:


Provide this in a textual format or in a graphic chart as in a task duration table.  Tell the client about any other individuals or company you will enlist to provide services for the implementation of the project. Include their basic qualifications.  Then you must establish a budget and break down the costs for the project. Note: Clients like to know how their money will be spent.
photo-39Every project, no matter how small or how large, it is just a series of smaller tasks, and your job is simply to follow each step you agreed to in your process.  Each one of these steps constitutes many milestones at times, which gets you a little closer to your end goal. While you never want to lose sight of your final destination, your project will be a lot less overwhelming if you simply focus on your next milestone that means move bit-by-bit. Smaller sized is always easier to handle!  Once you accomplish your task, move to the next. So then, in no time, you will find that you have systematically worked your way to the end of the project.

Finally, Presentation And Deliver:                          photo-11

In the presentation of your project, just follow these steps in presenting your project to your Group, Client or Employer. Describe how you got the idea for your project. What does the project say about you as a person or persons? Write down notes about these questions, and bring them to your presentation if possible.  Show some explain your work. Describe how you used different techniques and meditation, or other techniques from class or co-workers.

Patrick Williams

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Williams Photography on how we use Digital Media

Williams Photography on how we use Digital Media to expand our business through advertisement. (class project) Here is a short video. Enjoy!


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Résumé “I am not saying that I am the best” “I’m just saying that I’m above the rest”

Patrick Williams 1

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